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Dynasties protect their own turf. And not just in sports.

Baretz+Brunelle’s New Law Practice Group presents Home Court Advantage: The Am Law 100 Moves Into Alternative Legal Services, the first comprehensive analysis of the extent to which the world’s largest law firms are developing their own, in-house ALSPs, or “captive ALSPs.”

Our research shows that with these captive ALSPs, the largest law firms are positioning themselves to regain control over a growing portion of today’s legal services market. That is, they are taking steps to protect their home court advantage—to a much greater degree than the market realizes.

Our report:

  • Serves as the first comprehensive analysis of captive ALSPs in the Am Law 100 (35%) and non-US Global 100 (57%).
  • Provides a definition of captive ALSPs, a term that has been used inconsistently.
  • Details the various services that captive ALSPs are providing to the market.
  • Charts the history of captive ALSPs, demonstrating that they are mostly a recent development.
  • Discusses the branding strategies and organizational structures used with captive ALSPs


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